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When is Amulet 6 coming out?

I like the series.
Last Updated: Jun 18, 2013  |  4297 Views

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Hi Daniel!


Zazu Kibuishi, the author of the Amulet, takes lots of time to write each of his books - and keeps his new ones a secret, 'til they're ready to go! So, it could be a while!

In the mean time, he has a great website:


There, you'll find info on his other books, artwork, videos, on-line comics & graphic stories.

If you go to the VLC, Grade 4 English, there's a link to the on-line comics - Clive & Cabbage:




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Other Answers / Comments (7)

  1. When is it coming out, I heard Kazuhiro kibuishi was ill so it might not be til NEXT year
    by Bulls on Sep 28, 2013.
  2. I know you must be dying for the next one! I'm sure there are so many others!

    Did you see on the Bolt City website, that he did the covers for the 15th Anniversary Box Set of Harry Potter?! So Cool!

    Have ever been on Twitter? You can follow Kazu Kibuishi there. He seems to post pretty regularly:

    by Marg Mannseichner on Sep 28, 2013.
  3. Hi I work with bolt city for the colour editing and I know that amulet book 6 has come out on September 26 2013 hope this helps
    by Taniya on Oct 19, 2013.
  4. is there going to be more than just six books?
    by bryan gonzalez on Dec 17, 2013.
  5. Hopefully!! Fingers crossed!
    by Marg Mannseichner on Dec 18, 2013.
  6. It is out!!! Just saw it in the Scholastic Book Fair.
    by Sheila Cornelisse on Sep 24, 2014.
    by Marg Mannseichner on Nov 05, 2014.

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