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Hello Zaylona

Thank you for your question about Rudolph.

The story Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was written in 1939 by a man named Bob May.  His wife was very sick from cancer and his little daughter, Barbara, was sad because her mommy wasn't like everyone else's mommy.  To cheer up Barbara, her daddy would tell her stories about a reindeer named Rudolph.  Rudolph was small and was being bullied by the other reindeer, much like Mr. May was when he was a boy.  As time went on he would add more to the story.

Because of all the expensive medical bills, Mr. May and his little girl did not have much money for Christmas gifts, so Mr. May decided to write a story book about Rudolph to give to his little girl.

The boss at the publishing company where Mr. May worked heard about the story and paid Mr. May to use the book to give out to customers.

This is how the story of a little reindeer who was bullied because he was different but ended up being a hero, became a loved Christmas story, song, and movie.

So remember to keep your head up and believe in yourself even if you are different.  It is the different things about us that make us special and unique.  Don't let bullies make you feel bad about who you are.

I have included a link to a YouTube video about the story behind Rudolph.

Mrs. Cornelisse


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